Bless the Harts
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19 Nov 2020
2019 USA Cartoons / Comedy episod: 1-7 season: 1-2
The main characters of the Comedy animated series "Bless the harts" are members of the same family living in the South of the country. The family has almost no free money, but is not discouraged. Despite the fact that the characters constantly live in need, they are used to being content with little. They know that they are truly rich in fun, joy, and close friends who give them much more than money can buy. Jenny HART, the head of the family, tries her best to get out of a difficult situation. She is sure that sooner or later her finest hour will come, but it is only necessary to wait a little. Her daughter violet and mother Betty live with her. One day, they are joined by a fun guy named Wayne. The Central characters of the Comedy animated series "Bless the harts", the series of which you can already watch on our website online, decide to try to change their difficult financial situation. They want to get rich and become famous, but all their attempts fail in the most absurd ways. However, they do not give up. Heroes are ready to fall as many times as their fate requires. Will they be able to achieve the desired success?

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