American Dad!
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29 Jul 2020
2005 USA Cartoons / Comedy episod: 1-18 season: 1-17
The plot of the animated series revolves around the Smith family. Papa Stan is a CIA agent and a Republican to the core, strong in body but stupid in mind. Has the most masculine chin and always ironed suit. Francine is Stan's wife and the mother of the children. Typical housewife. Moderately wise, moderately stupid. Besides, he doesn't know his real parents. Son-Steve. He has certain problems in communicating with the opposite sex (girls sometimes communicate with him, only at the muzzle of their father's service weapon). Daughter Haley - desperate liberalka has "hipparskie" features, but is not a hippie, though, and protects nature and takes recreational drugs. Talking goldfish Clauss - in fact, the brain of the Fish is human. It's just that the CIA took the brain of a German cross-country skier so that Germany wouldn't win the Olympics. Often moves around the house in a small jar, flapping fins on the floor. Alien Roger is just an alien. He saved Stan in Zone 51 and now lives with the Smiths. Fat and cunning-these are the traits most fully revealed in Roger. A passionate lover of wigs and booze.

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