The Silencers
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08 Jun 2020
On July 8, 1948, an alien spacecraft crashed in the town of Roswell in the United States. In 1966, in Nebraska, a cow belonging to a farming family was transported to a flying saucer in front of an astonished young woman and her little daughter, and the head of the family, who was preparing to open fire on a UFO with a hunting rifle, died either from a light beam or from a sound wave.In today's Los Angeles, security officer Rafferty faces representatives of other star worlds, who have their own plans for our planet and for the achievements of earth's civilization. They are very similar to people.They are almost like us. But their skin is too pale, and they only wear black. Man in black. Secret aliens who want to control our planet. Can two policemen-an Earthman Rafferty and an alien Komdor from the constellation Pleiades, who accidentally became his partner-stand in the way of the evil plan?..

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