Sit ting fung wan
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08 Jun 2020
Police officers from the economic termination investigation departments, johnny, gene and Max, are conducting surveillance and surveillance of a large company engaged in fraud in the securities market. All day long they sit in the room, tracking and recording the daily conversations of the company's employees. However, one day they catch a conversation between the head of the company and his Secretary, from which they learn that the next day their shares will soar. A large-child gene, who needs money for his son's operation, asks max not to record this conversation, but to use the information received and play on the stock exchange themselves. Max, who is going to marry a girl from a rich family and is under constant pressure to pass a future test, sees this as an opportunity to ensure his independence. Johnny, found out about what happened, helps the wards replace the traces. But the next day, the leak becomes known, the auction is suspended, and johnny's team is subjected to an internal investigation.

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