Lucky You
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08 Jun 2020
The film is set in the world of professional poker. The main character of the tape-the player hack Cheever, who spares no effort to win and is not afraid to take risks. In his personal life, on the contrary, he behaves reasonably and carefully, avoiding emotional impulses and any obligations.When Huck tries to win the 2003 world series of poker and charm a young singer from Bakersfield, Billie Offer, he meets only one obstacle in his path - in the person of his father, a legendary poker player who abandoned Huck's mother many years ago. As a result, father and son become rivals not only in life, but also at the card table.As the final battle approaches, HAK comes to realize one simple truth: to win both in life and in the game, you need to combine your human dignity with the talent of the player...;

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