The Perfect Score
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08 Jun 2020
A group of six high school students is working on a plan to bypass the main entrance exam that determines their career orientation. Each of them has their own good reasons for this illegal action. The unofficial leader of the group, Kyle, really wants to go to a prestigious University to study architecture, but he lacks a few points. His best friend, Matt, can't go to the University of Maryland, where his girlfriend is studying, for the same reasons.Anna is eager not to let down the expectations of her parents, but from excitement little counts on their strength when passing the exam. Desmond, one of the best basketball players, at the insistence of his mother, decides to refrain from dreams of playing in the NBA and go to College. The next member of the group, Francisca, developed the very scheme of circumventing the system. And Roy is a loner who happens to be in this company. At first, all the guys think that they have little in common with each other, but in the process of developing a plan, their opinion changes dramatically, since the common occupation unites them very much.

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