Catch .44
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08 Jun 2020
TES, dawn, and Kara are three girls who make a living in Vegas. One day their lives abruptly change their smooth course, turning into the plot of the most real detective story. This happens after TES accidentally meets a strange stranger named Mel, who offers the girls a chance at a better life through committing a "small offense". Without hesitation, the friends decide to agree to a tempting deal, not knowing what is waiting for them ahead. But the desire to change life for the better, to get out of the clutches of "boring life" takes over, so the friends are involved in a whirlpool of unforgettable adventures and fall into the very center of clearly not boring developments. When girls realize that they can't" jump off", they have to go to the end, at the cost of incredible efforts to solve the mess that they themselves have made...;

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