Dr. T & the Women
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08 Jun 2020
Fate is kind to its favorites. Undoubtedly. Dr. Travis is one of them. A successful, rich gynecologist has achieved resounding success on all fronts. Constant close contact with the female sex did not spoil his relationship to them. On the contrary, the doctor idolizes and praises his patients. The ladies surrounding the doctor - a beloved wife, a lovely daughter, and sympathetic colleagues-make up the light of his life.But one day all good things come to an end. Heaven decides to test the strength of their pet. My beloved job is falling out of hand, my wife seems to have been replaced, my daughter presents more and more surprises, and my sister has turned the house upside down. The world is plunged into complete chaos, the earth is falling from under your feet. An unexpected denouement will be a worthy end to an insidious fate.

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