Inside Planet Earth
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08 Jun 2020
"Inside the planet Earth"is an exciting documentary film that provides viewers with a unique opportunity to penetrate thousands of kilometers deep into the Earth, see the inaccessible layers of rock and metal, feel the searing heat and crushing pressure under the earth's shell. The earth, like an onion, consists of layers. Each of them has an important role in creating conditions suitable for life on Earth. The journey begins above the surface of the Earth - the audience will be able to experience all the sensations of free flight through the 30-kilometer layer of the atmosphere. Then you will reach the surface level-the earth's crust, and learn how the high temperature inside the Earth caused this layer to break into separate continental planes, which are called tectonic plates. The film "Inside the planet Earth" takes viewers deeper and deeper, thousands of kilometers inside the Earth, where you will learn about life forms that can exist in spite of radiation, and about the center of the Earth, where there is no force of attraction.

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