The Night Listener
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08 Jun 2020
The main character of the film is the host of the popular radio show Gabriel noone. One day, he receives from his friend, publisher ash, a manuscript of 14-year-old Pete Logand, which tells how this boy was abused by his sadistic parents. An avid fan of Noone's program, Pete soon makes contact with the radio host himself, and they begin to actively communicate over the phone.Their conversations are interrupted by the boy's foster mother, Donna, who reports on the deterioration of Pete's health, infected with AIDS. When Gabriel begins to suspect that Pete and Donna are the same person, he expresses his concerns to ash. He confirms that no one actually saw the boy. As a result, the publisher refuses to publish Pete's book; Gabriel, feeling that he is responsible for what happened, goes in search of Logand in a small town in Wisconsin to get to the truth...;

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