The Black Rose
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08 Jun 2020
The beginning of the reign of Edward the First. An English nobleman, Walter, is banished from the country for refusing to serve the Norman king, Edward. Having decided to follow his father's will, he goes to distant countries, then to return and gather a scattered England that will throw off the Norman yoke, but first he and his faithful companion, a skilled Archer Tristam Griffin enter the service of a powerful warrior and Persian commander, General Bayan. This cunning military commander of Asian blood, is assigned to accompany a caravan with gifts for the Chinese Emperor. Also, the commander brings him a gift of a blonde beauty Mariam, who falls in love with Walter and our hero also gives her signs of attention. After going a long way, through the desert and mountains, they get to the Palace of the Chinese Emperor, where they are imprisoned, to return home they will have to decide on a daring escape through the ancient catacombs...;

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