The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
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08 Jun 2020
Pippa Lee is an admired woman, a wonderful and welcoming hostess, a devoted wife and caring mother. She is married to the famous publisher herb Lee, a man thirty years her senior, and is quite happily married. When herb turns eighty, the couple decides to move from bustling new York to the quiet haven of one of those small Connecticut towns where nothing traditionally happens. Life here, unshadowed by any surprises, can make anyone happy - but not Pippa Lee. It turns out that it was not always Pippa was the exemplary homemaker. When she was younger, she led a gay life, not averse to drinking, drugs, and the occasional erotic adventure. It seemed to her that those days were in the distant past, and now, in this sickly-idyllic new world, the memories of former occupations stir her memory. To begin with, Pippa starts Smoking again. And when she meets an attractive man on her way, Pippa is happy to remember the lessons of her stormy youth.

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