The Nutcracker
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08 Jun 2020
Vienna, 1920s. Nine-year-old Mary lives in a house that is full of beautiful things and loneliness. Her brother Max, an indefatigable prankster, harasses her, and her parents, although they love her dearly, are too busy to pay her enough attention. Mary longs for companionship with friends and adventures. On the eve of Christmas, her favorite uncle albert comes to her and gives her a wooden Nutcracker doll. Mary imagination animates a doll, and she enters the world of children's dreams, where everything becomes possible - snowflakes swirling ballerina in a dance, toys on the Christmas tree come to life, and she turns into spruce the whole universe, ruled by a kind snow Fairy, so like my mother...; And while Mary is mastered in this wonderful world, hordes of rats, led the treacherous Rat King and his evil mother the Rat Queen capture the city and enslave the people, seeking to wipe humanity from the face of the earth. The Nutcracker gathers friends to fight the rats, but is captured. It will not be easy to defeat the rat army and free the Nutcracker - the brave Mary will be hindered by wild bikers on amazing flying motorcycles, robot rats and bats equipped with super-powerful fantastic weapons...;

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