Just Before I Go
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08 Jun 2020
Ted's life had battered him so much that he began to think about suicide. Before such a decision, the man went for a long time, because even since childhood, he felt what trouble is. When he was a teenager, he was constantly harassed and abused by bullies, and the math teacher liked to humiliate Ted in front of the other students. Over time, children's resentments subsided, but still an unpleasant residue remained.By coincidence, already in adulthood, Ted meets his abusers from childhood. As it turned out, their life was also quite difficult, because one bully, now a widower and independently raises a son with down syndrome, and supports him on his very modest earnings. The math teacher has gone completely mad, and is now being treated in a hospital for the mentally ill. Although, life, in fact, has punished Ted's abusers, but he still does not leave thoughts of suicide...;

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