The Delta Force
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08 Jun 2020
When dangerous terrorists capture American tourists and transport them to Beirut, the President sends the Delta force, a brigade of first - class fighters under the command of Colonel nick Alexander and major Scott McCoy, to free them.Soon after being transferred to the Middle East, an elite rescue team receives information that the women and children have been released, but the men are still being held by a gang of fanatical criminals in a school building located on the beach. Sweeping away everything in its path, through the fire and explosions, the Delta squad breaks into the terrorist camp and, without leaving any prisoners, frees the hostages. However, this is not the end of the mission. The bandits managed to transport several hostages to Tehran, and now time is working against Alexander and McCoy in the battle to save them. They must make it in time , because the lives of people and the honor of the Motherland are at stake.

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