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08 Jun 2020
2015 India Movies / Drama / Romance
Suraj is a street gangster who once had to kidnap a girl on the orders of his father, a crime boss who is serving time in prison, and is very eager to get revenge on his abuser. Radha is the daughter of the head of the police, a glamorous girl with ambitions that quickly dissipated when she was in the hands of a cute stranger. However, the fact that she was kidnapped, she does not even know, and quietly enjoys life in the company of fun guys and that very handsome man. The hearts of young people freeze at the sight of each other, and it seems that the moment is about to come when the cherished three words "I love you" will be uttered, but then they are suddenly reminded of the true purpose of their strange solitude. Real life is wedged between lovers, trying to separate them and forcing them to make a difficult choice between feelings and family duty.

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