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08 Jun 2020
Malcolm and Sophia - the smallest graffiti gang in Brooklyn-like to get into the territories of rival gangs and leave their intricate "autographs"there. One morning, when they decided to enjoy the fruits of their night's work in the sunlight, the couple discovered that their next masterpiece was smeared with the logo of the new York Mets baseball team. Having decided to take revenge on their rivals from Queens, the brooklynites develop an audacious plan of revenge: to bribe a familiar security guard at the Mets stadium and "bomb" with their graffiti the sacred symbol of the team - a huge blue-orange Apple. But first you need to earn $ 500 to bribe a security guard. In the process of making money, young street art enthusiasts will lose, at least, sneakers, a mobile phone and faith in the professionalism of local thieves. But they will acquire something much more important - perhaps even love.

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