Poison Ivy
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08 Jun 2020
In a privileged private school, there are two girls who are United, perhaps, only by hatred for all mankind. One of them, Sylvia Cooper, the daughter of a famous producer, once calls the TV channel where her father works and reports that a bomb has been planted in the building. This is a terrible prank attracts the attention of Sylvia ivy.Ivy is an orphan, living in the care of a poor aunt. She was able to get into private school only thanks to a special scholarship. Sylvia and ivy become friends. Ivy moves from her aunt's house to the posh home of Sylvia and her parents, brazenly and tenaciously, like poison ivy, infiltrates someone else's family. Not only does ivy have a bad influence on her friend, she seduces her father, tries to get Sylvia's mother out of the way, so that she can become the rightful and sole mistress of a luxurious house.

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