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08 Jun 2020
Driver Alex Furlong crashes on the track in front of his fiancee Julia. But it does not die - with the help of future technologies, it is transferred from 1991 to 2009. It turns out that in the future, technologies have been developed that allow you to transfer a person's mind from the old body to the new one, which actually makes it possible to gain "immortality", while the identity of the "human donor" is erased. They move the donor into the future just before death.Once in the future, Alex does not have time to erase his identity - he escapes due to a lucky combination of circumstances - a sudden attack, arranged by unknown people, on a motorcade transporting a mobile laboratory in which he was immediately after his alleged death. His fiancee has become the second person in a powerful firm, and Furlong is trying to find her and ask her for help. But first he meets with his old friend Brad, who finally explains to him what's what and offers to contact Julia. But soon Alex realizes that he can't trust his old friends from 1991. And on the heels of the fugitive is the head of the security service - Vacendak.

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