Mutiny on the Bounty
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08 Jun 2020
The English Navy of the XVIII century was characterized by strict (even cruel) discipline. Minor offenses were punished with whips, and more serious offenses were punishable by death. Desperate sailors rioted and tried to free themselves from oppression.1789. The crew of the British ship "bounty" under the leadership of the cruel captain Bligh filled the holds, sails off the coast of Tahiti. Until that day, for six months, the ship's crew had been subjected to physical and moral abuse by the captain and his henchmen.Grueling work and lack of food force the sailors to mutiny. The instigator of the mutiny becomes a sailor, an aristocrat Christian Fletcher. After disembarking the captain and his loyal men, the bounty headed back to Tahiti, where Fletcher and the other mutineers decided to spend the rest of their lives...;

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