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21 Jul 2020
Fate rather cruelly played a trick on the fireman C. D. Bailes, awarding him in addition to a large soul an excessively large...; nose! Everyone in town respects him, but because of his odious appearance, he does not get along with women at all. But you can't tell your heart to! And when the town there is a good romantic and beautiful Roxane, the hero is hopelessly falls in love with this charming freak.But what are his chances? - after all, Roxanne's attention has already been captured by the local macho Chris, a subordinate of Bales. However, the outstanding tongue-tied and uncouth Chris does not give the hero a chance to confess his feelings: Bales, a poet at heart, agrees to secretly write love messages to Roxane instead of him. But one day all the secrets will be revealed...;

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