An Angel at My Table
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08 Jun 2020
Janet Frame grows up in a large family (four daughters and a son) in New Zealand. She stands out for her lush, fiery red hair, hypersensitivity, and shy, even timid character - as a result of her unattractive appearance. Janet also has a talent for writing poetry. Her ability to compose poetry is evident even in school, and in College, she even begins to publish her poems and stories. But depression and nervous breakdowns lead her to a psychiatric hospital. Doctors misdiagnose Janet as schizophrenic, and she is placed in a hospital and treated for 8 years, including electroshock.But Janet manages to continue her work and even win a literary award for her first collection of short stories. It is thanks to the award that she manages to avoid a lobotomy and leave a psychiatric hospital. Janet is supported by a well-known new Zealand writer, and after publishing a new book and receiving a literary grant, she leaves New Zealand for Europe. Janet has new experiences and achievements ahead of her.

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