Et maintenant on va où?
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08 Jun 2020
A procession of black-clad women follows the road to the village cemetery in the hot sun. They hold portraits of husbands, fathers, and sons to their chests. Some wear a veil, others a cross, but they share a common grief - mourning for the victims of a fatal and senseless war. At the entrance to the cemetery, the motorcade is divided into two parts - Muslim and Christian. The film tells about the unyielding determination of women, no matter what religion they belong to, to protect their family and village from external threats. Bound together by an unbreakable bond of friendship, women perform miracles of ingenuity and develop clever strategies to achieve their goal - to distract men's attention and make them forget their anger and differences. But events take a tragic turn...; what can women do to avoid losing those who are still alive?

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