War, Inc.
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08 Jun 2020
Powerful multinational corporations have not only huge assets. They also have powerful " private armies "that are capable of waging a" good "war in any part of the"third world". Brand Hauser is a super-agent of the Tamerlane Corporation. Eliminating in Canada people disliked his bosses, he soon - in the hot Asian country Turaqistan covered by internecine war and occupied by troops of "Tamerlane." Here, Hauser must eliminate a prominent local figure, using a big show as a cover, culminating in the wedding of a pop star with the son of a local tycoon. But this time, the chaos in which the Corporation "Tamerlane" plunged the unfortunate country, exasperates the imperturbable Superman. In addition, his heart begins to break between two lovers...; When it turns out that, after leaving the CIA many years ago, he actually still worked for the "scum of Langley", Brand begins his own war!

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