Born to Raise Hell
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08 Jun 2020
2010 USA Movies / Crime
Secret agent of "Interpol" Bobby never needed no partner, no cover, no excessive care to their superiors. Each time, it was he who got into the heat of the "hot spots", getting out of the meat grinder unharmed, defeating militants, gangsters, murderers and crazy rapists. It seems that this time everything will be different...; Once he was assigned a task-to track the flow of smuggled weapons and drugs from Eastern Europe to the border, through the Balkans. Russian Russian mafia boss, a major drug dealer, was being followed by an agent who had infiltrated his inner circle, when the local mafia and Russian gangsters clashed and left one of the Lawmen injured in the shootout to die. This man was Bobby's new partner.And now, mobilizing all his potential, fiercely and more than confidently looking forward, Bobby decides to take revenge on those who have forgotten that there is "revenge" and there is a triumph of"justice". He is sure to get to his goal and sweep away anyone who decides to block his path to the planned one. From now on, no one can stop him...;

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