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08 Jun 2020
Driving through the hot desert of Texas, Kein Parker and his sister Mary find and take to their farm unconscious French army officer Joseph Charlegrand, known for an unusual way to fight. Feeling grateful to the Parkers, Charlegrand stands up for Them when bandits hired by landowner Jack Benedict try to drive Kane, Mary, and other farmers off their land. Joseph falls in love with Mary and becomes embroiled in a fight with Benedict. As a result of one of the attacks, Kane is killed. Charlemont remains the only hope of desperate people. He accepts the challenge of his sworn enemy - the assassin Benedict, who perfectly owns the techniques of savat, who killed his best friend. Benedict's men take Mary hostage, and Charlegrand prepares for a life-and-death struggle...;

Watch movie Savate online, 1995 for free in high HD (1080) quality. The movie was made by a talented Director, the movie starred famous actors, and the script is very good. Savate watch online for free, viewing is also available without ads or registration. The movie was shot in the country USA in 1995. This movie belongs to the genres of Movies / Western. Watch and enjoy Savate online, because you don't need to send an SMS. Watching the movie is available on all devices, including android, ios, and smart TV.
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