House of Usher
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08 Jun 2020
The main character-Mr. Wintrow comes from Boston to a gloomy estate, where the gloomy house of usher is located on a hill. The sight that opens up to him is striking - the manor itself and the monotonous surroundings are gloomy and do not please the eye...; Wintrow wants to take Madeline with him - the sister of the owner of the estate, to whom he has been engaged for several months. However, Roderick usher is against this marriage and reveals to the young man the terrible secret of the curse of the usher family. Their family is stricken with a long-standing and strange disease, "increased nervous irritation", which is slowly killing the family. Any sounds and bright light bring pain to the descendants of the family, and only here can they survive, in this gray deserted place. The lover is persistent, he does not believe the legends and stays in the house to understand what is happening. He will spend a terrible week surrounded by the ghosts that inhabit the castle, which has become the embodiment of evil, and see with his own eyes the fall of the house of usher.

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