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08 Jun 2020
The story of several Bohemians living next door to each other in a new York city neighborhood. The film describes one year of the difficult life of these people, some of whom are infected with AIDS.Among them is Roger, an ambitious song writer who is going through an emotional shock after the suicide of his beloved girlfriend. He still does not dare to have an affair with his neighbor Mimi Marquez, an exotic dance performer who is struggling with her own problems.In the same apartment with Roger lives cinematographer mark, who tries to combine art with Commerce. Mark's girlfriend, self-indulgent circus actress Maureen, leaves Him for a female lawyer, Joanne. In addition, this close circle of neighbors, friends and acquaintances includes philosophy Professor Tom Collins and a street drummer who came to his aid after the robbery.What falls out of this circle is benny, who, after marrying the daughter of a landlord, became estranged from his friends and did not keep his promise to give them a rent-free space. As a result, he turns from a close friend to a sworn enemy, threatening all the mentioned tenants with eviction...;

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