Anne of the Thousand Days
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08 Jun 2020
English king Henry VIII all his life dreamed of an heir, but his wife, Queen Catherine of Aragon for many years of marriage produced only a daughter. The king asks the Pope for permission to divorce.Henry wants to make the new Queen eighteen-year-old Anne Boleyn, already pregnant with his child. From the Vatican comes the refusal of the king's request.In 1533, Henry VIII broke with the Catholic Church and became the founder of a new Church, the Anglican Church. Henry removes all obstacles and seeks the coronation of Anne.But his hopes are not destined to be fulfilled, Anna brings her husband another daughter. Their marriage would not last long, just three years. Then Anne Boleyn will be accused by her husband of adultery and beheaded.Soon Henry will marry another, hoping that the new chosen one will still bear him a son...;

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