Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star
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08 Jun 2020
Back in the 70s, when Dickie Roberts was a child, he was a big star and starred in an extremely popular television series. Then little Dickie had the key to success!But now he has only the key to the car, which he is obligated to Park in the Parking lot, serving customers of a Hollywood restaurant. Having once tasted success, Dickie no longer wants to live a boring, monotonous life and goes to try out a new film by the famous Director Rob Reiner.But, taking into account Dickie's stellar past, the Director decides that Roberts is not ORDINARY enough for his picture. Then the cheerful hero, wanting to get the role at any cost, hires a "typical" family to learn for yourself what it is-a normal life! But, as you can imagine, after a normal family adopts Dickie, she immediately becomes abnormal!

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