Lone Star State of Mind
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25 Jun 2020
When God created Texas, he was clearly not in a good mood. At least, that's what Earl and Baby, who are in love with each other, think. Growing up in the most ordinary town in this state, they just want to get out of here as quickly as possible. And of course to California, to Los Angeles, where you can try your luck to become rich and famous! Alas, all these grandiose plans of the characters come to a dead end whose name is Junior, baby's cousin.This weirdo knows how to get into trouble like no other. And like no one else-to involve others in your problems. Before our lovebirds know it, they're up to their ears in Junior's scams. And if they can't get out of it and get their cousin out of it within 48 hours, then Earl and Baby can forget about their plans for Los Angeles...;

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