Tremors 3: Back to Perfection
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08 Jun 2020
They've been sleeping for two hundred years. But now they have woken up, and they are very hungry. And, it should be noted, they have developed a serious hunger for two centuries! Underground creatures come to the surface and travel across the expanses of Nevada in search of their Breakfast.In the way of voracious monsters is a familiar town under the modest name of "Perfection". But here we are ready for the "reception" of creeping cannibals! A recognized expert in survival and professional fighter of terrible predators, Bert Gummer, has managed to acquire a huge Arsenal of all kinds of small arms, various explosives and is ready to fight one hundred percent.However, he does not yet know that the underground worms are also prepared for the meeting with the city: they have learned to turn into extremely dangerous flying individuals...;

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