The Eagle Has Landed
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10 Jun 2020
In November 1943, Winston Churchill is going to visit the British air force base in the Norfolk area, and then spend a weekend in its picturesque surroundings. This is a great success for the Nazi leadership. Shortly before that, Hitler comes up with a crazy idea to kidnap the British Prime Minister.On the orders of Himmler and Abwehr chief Admiral Canaris, a zealous Colonel Radl finds an Irishman, lime Devlin, an English-hating activist in the Irish liberation army, and a demoted parachute commander, Kurt Steiner.There is no way for him to back down, and he accepts the offer. As soon as a group of commandos under his leadership lands on the British coast under the guise of Polish soldiers, it becomes clear that the audacious plan is quite feasible...;

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