The Man in the Glass Booth
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10 Jun 2020
1975 USA Movies / Drama
Early 1970s, new York. Arthur Goldman is a successful Jewish businessman, millionaire, and philanthropist who survived the Holocaust in Nazi death camps. But there are oddities in his behavior: he shocks his employees with bouts of persecution mania and harsh anti-Semitism. One day, the Israeli security services kidnap Goldman and bring him to Israel for trial on charges of Nazi war crimes. The Israeli Prosecutor's office cites evidence that a former concentration camp commandant, Karl Dorff, is hiding under the guise of a Jewish businessman. The accused decided to defend himself. Speaking from a glass booth in the courtroom to his accusers, Goldman asked: why were you silent during the Holocaust when your neighbors and relatives came for you? Why did you think that the trouble that touched the next house would not touch yours, and why did you behave like lambs being led to the slaughterhouse? During the trial, it turned out that Goldman was only posing as a Nazi. When his deception was discovered, he again returned to the tragic experiences of the war years.

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