Herbie Rides Again
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10 Jun 2020
An influential old man, Mr. Hawke, destroys old houses, regardless of their inhabitants, to build skyscrapers. They don't like him in the city, but they can't do anything because they are very afraid of him. But Mrs. Steimetz - an elderly woman who has lived all her life in her home, where things remind her of her youth, does not agree to eviction for any money. In the fight against the hard-hearted Hawk, she is helped by a car named Herbie and the beautiful Nicole, who temporarily lives with her grandmother. Mr. Hawke sends his nephew to them to buy off the recalcitrant tenants. But the nephew does not share his uncle's unfair methods and goes over to Mrs. Steimetz's side. Who will win-the powerful rich man or the original car company, grandma and a couple in love?

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