Soccer Mom
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10 Jun 2020
Fourteen-year-old Becca can't imagine her life without football. She and the team used to be coached by Becky's father, but he recently died in an accident and now the team is "coached" by some scoundrel who doesn't really know the rules. Once he promised that a new coach, a star of European football - the Italian Lorenzo-was coming to them. There was no limit to the girls ' joy. But when he arrived, he did not want to hear about any coaching work, saying that it was a joke. And then, Becky's mom, knowing how important it was for her daughter and the entire team, changes clothes and makes up in the vile Lorenzo. & ..; start training on the Italian system. They managed to lead everyone by the nose, including their own daughter, all the way to the football tournament, where the real Lorenzo appeared...;

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