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10 Jun 2020
Beyond the borders of dream and reality, in a magical land full of amazing wonders, there lived and was a Goblin king, jareth. Once he heard the girl Sarah say to her obnoxious little brother Toby, " May the goblins take you away!» "and then you took her at her word and took the baby to your castle!" "What have I done?" gasped Sarah, and ran after jareth until The door to the fairy tale slammed shut.But to get to the kidnapper's castle and save her brother, she will have to go through an enchanted Maze. It is full of all sorts of monsters, tricky traps and puzzles. And the exit is guarded by an army of goblins! Meeting on the way hosts of unseen creatures and solving strange riddles, Sarah bravely delves into the mysterious world of the Labyrinth, step by step approaching the stronghold of king Jareth...;

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