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10 Jun 2020
2007 TV-series / Fantasy / Drama / Thriller episod: 1-4 season: 1
A group of scientists is tasked with developing ideas to influence hurricanes and typhoons in order to learn how to prevent future disasters and natural disasters such as the one that struck humanity in the face of hurricane Katrina. However, purely theoretical research ends at the moment when scientists face the need to put their developments into practice. After they successfully managed one small Pacific Typhoon, they were asked to try their hand at another, more powerful one, namely, to redirect its main blow from the rich, to the less prosperous American States.Scientists faced a moral dilemma, which they solved by refusing to complete the mission. However, they soon discovered that their computers were hacked and someone unknown was vigorously continuing the frozen experiment. The secret attacker managed to lead the hurricane away from the coast of Miami, but not into the ocean, and to... New York, on which it should descend with incredible fury. The element is assigned the 5th, highest degree of danger and code name: "Superstorm".The creators of the experiment realized that they had unwittingly become the creators of a new weapon of mass destruction — a disaster management system. Will they be able to stop the hurricane before it buries new York in ruins?..

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