Alex Rider
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10 Jun 2020
2020 TV-series / Family / Adventure / Thriller episod: 1-9 season: 1
When Alex Ryder finds out that his uncle died in the line of duty, and that he was an English spy (and his death was not the result of an accident, despite what Alex was always told), everything changes for an ordinary teenager in all respects. He is approached by Alan blunt, head of the secret branch of the MI6 secret service known as the" Department", and informs that Alex has already been trained to work in the world of knights of the sword and dagger. Forced to investigate the circumstances of his uncle's death, as well as the connection with the murder of two billionaires, Alex reluctantly takes up the case and under a different name goes to an illegal position in a remote boarding house called "point Blank". Located in the snow in the French Alps, the boarding house-allegedly-specializes in working with the offspring of rich and famous clients who have problems and need to be guided on the right path. Soon it becomes clear to Alex that the boarding school students are pawns in the plans of the mysterious doctor Greif, in plans that Alex will have to prevent the execution of, risking his own life.

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